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Blowing Conch Shell 6.5"+

Blowing conch shell used in Deity Worship. Creates a very beautiful transcendental vibration, a little more in the treble range, compared to larger, deeper conches. At least 6.5" in size.

Price:  Rs.2,242  Rs.1,868 

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Blowing Conch Shell 6.5"+

How Blowing Conch Shells are Measured, and Why

Below are 2 images that show how the conch shells are measured. The images depict 6" blowing conches. The important thing about a conch shell and what determines the price is the amount of space the conch shell has inside it for the air to blow around it. They call it the "blowing arch". So you could have two conch shells that are both 6" long and one could be very skinny and one could be very fat. The fat one would have a lot more space inside it for the air to blow around it so it would be more expensive than the skinny one that has less space for the air inside it.

You can see in the photo how it is measured around the blowing arch to account for this. Since conches are created by the natural world, and they are found in the ocean, every one is a bit different.


measuring a blowing conch

measureing a blowing conch 2

Price:  Rs.2,242  Rs.1,868 
Product Reviews
Sumana Khan - 11/03/2013 5 of 5 Stars!
I've not been able to blow it yet...requires a lot of practice! But the conch looks exactly as displayed in the photo - and it brings about an auspicious aura to my small puja corner. It came packed very securely...all the way from Vrindavan.
Alex sainte-luce - 08/07/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
please, accept my compliments. thank you for the beautiful and useful conch. I had a little trouble to extract the polystyrene that I was introducted to it when preparing the package but the point is that there have been no damage reported. your humble servant. Acyuta das
graham hunt - 12/07/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
Beautiful conch shell with a fine tone, which enhances my kirtan recordings and personal puja. My only disappointment is that the pitch of the tone is quite high and I was hoping for something a little lower and more sonorous. Perhaps you could say in the description that the pitch is in the treble range rather than the bass. Radhe radhe shankarji
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