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Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories

India's Ancient Mystic Culture and Vedic Philosophy

Classic Illustrated Version of Bhagavatam Stories with Colored Images and Thick Pages. Handy travel-sized book. Could make an excellent gift. Nice colored images compliment the stories to enhance the reading experience.

Price:  Rs.773  Rs.644 
Format: Hardbound, Approx 8.5x 6" (inches)
Pages: 267 (266 colored)

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Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories

Page samples from the Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories book:

Bhagavatam Stories pic 1

Bhagavatam Stories pic 3

Bhagavatam Stories pic 4

Bhagavatam Stories pic 5

Bhagavatam Stories pic 6

Bhagavatam Stories pic 7

Bhagavatam Stories pic 8

Bhagavatam Stories pic 9

Bhagavatam Stories pic 10

Price:  Rs.773  Rs.644 
Product Reviews
Mich White - 05/26/2015 5 of 5 Stars!
I love this book, the past- times and also the pictures are beautiful! I cannot say enough good things about this book. I just recommend you see and read this book, because words cannot describe how great this book is. I started reading this nice book at my friends house and when I left their place, years after I saw you were selling it online so thought I better grab myself a copy because I found it so enjoyable and interesting. This is a mini version of the book they had but I like the mini version as the other version was quite big. Hare Krsna.
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