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Introduction to Sanskrit Part 1

Introduction to Sanskrit provides both students and teachers with the perfect tool with which to start the study of the basics of Sanskrit, one of the oldest known and used languages. Often referred to as the origin of Indo-European languages, Sanskrit has a wide and varied histroy. It is a 2 volume set. Part 2 is available here.

Price:  Rs.792  Rs.660 
Author: Thomas Egenes
Format: 20cm (7.9") x 26cm (10.2") Paperback
Pages: 367

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Introduction to Sanskrit Part 1

Why should one study Sanskrit?

There are several reasons to study the subtle and refined language of Sanskrit. The sound, script, grammar and systematic nature of the language are something of great beauty. The study of Sanskrit creates clarity within the mind, as Sanskrit is a highly systematic language, reflecting the orderliness of nature itself.

Most students who study Sanskrit also have an interest in the content of the Sanskrit literature. This large body of literature is enermously diverse, including such fields as philosophy, science, art, music, phonology, grammar, mathematics, architecture, history, education and logic (to name just a few). The literature can be understood in greater depth when it is studied in its original language.

Even a little Sanskrit will give you control over English translations of Sanskrit literature, so you will be able to decide if a crucial word has been mistranslated. While you may not become an expert translator of the Sanskrit literature, you'll find that an introductory knowledge of Sanskrit has great worth.

Vedic and Classical Sanskrit

Sanskrit means "perfected," or "put together" ("put," krta and "together," sam). Sanskrit is divided into two principal parts: Vedic Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit. The older language is Vedic Sanskrit, or Vedic, the language of the Samhita and Brahmana. Vedic Sanskrit begins with Rk-Samhita. Classical Sanskrit, which includes several aspects, is the language of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, and the rest of the Sanskrit literature.

This text focuses on Classical Sanskrit, although several quotations are in Vedic Sanskrit. Normally Vedic Sanskrit is studied after Classical Sanskrit is learned.

Features of this Text:

This text is written to fulfill a need that still remains, which is to make the introductory study of Sanskrit simple, concise and systematic, thereby making it more accessable and enjoyable for a beginning student. The text is not a complete survey of Sanskrit grammar, or even a primer. It is meant to be a "pre-primer," a step-by-step introduction to the fundemental aspects of the language.

Some features of this text are:

  • Small, learnable steps
  • Sequential organization
  • A balance between alphabet, grammar and vocabulary in each lesson
  • As few unecessary complications as possible
  • Gradual integration of sandhi rules

After completing this text you should be able to study any of the more advanced Sanskrit textbooks more comfortably, or...

* Begin part II of Introduction to Sanskrit *

Reader's Review

This book is enough for people who want to learn Sanskrit from scratch to the advanced level quickly as is needed these days.


Price:  Rs.792  Rs.660 
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5 out of 5 stars Reviews

 5 of 5 Stars!   
By Tiffany Cooper on October 21, 2015 
A fantastic way to start a Sanskrit education! I love the approach of this book!A fantastic way to start a Sanskrit education! I love the approach of this book! Read less


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