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Pair of Brass Cups with Cover (1.5")

Medium brass cups complete with beautiful brass covers. Perfect for offering water to any small Deities or murtis. Size is 1.3" high.

Price:  Rs.199  Rs.166 

Pair of Golden Shoes (for Krishna or Gaura Nitai)
 Rs.173  Rs.144 


Natural Flower Oil--Pure Scented Oils from India
 Rs.395  Rs.329 


Gopi Chandan Tilak -- Colored Pack (70 Grams)
 Rs.22  Rs.18 


Tulsi Neck Beads - Big Round
 Rs.108  Rs.90 


Deity Bracelets -- Colored Pearls
 Rs.120  Rs.100 


Tulsi Neck Beads - Small Round
 Rs.60  Rs.50 


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