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Krishna -- Children's Activity Book

Children's Puzzles, Games and Educational Activities on Krishna

The Krishna Children's Activity Book contains puzzles, games, activities, drawing, coloring, word games and much more. All on the subject of Krishna.

Price:  Rs.118  Rs.98 
Format: 10.5" x 8" (inches)
Pages: 24
ISBN: 812861184-4

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Krishna -- Children's Activity Book

In between killing demons Krishna still finds time to steal curd. Help Krishna to get to the pot of curd through the maze.

Meanwhile, Trinavrata the demon tries to kill Krishna but he gets killed instead. Only one shadow is the same as the picture. Which one?


Spot the differences. The Gopis listen to the sound of Krishna's flute. Can you spot the seven differences between the two pictures?

Spot the differences. Here's Yasoda chasing the naughty child Krishna. Spot the seven differences between the two pictures.

Help Radha to reach Krishna through the maze.

Krishna defeats and kills Kamsa, His evil uncle. Color the picture.

Price:  Rs.118  Rs.98 
Product Reviews
Harbin Limbu - 12/09/2017 4 of 5 Stars!
This book is good one, it has got colouring picture,crack the code game,spot the difference,maze,etc.I recommend others to buy.
Malti Turnbull - 12/30/2013 5 of 5 Stars!
Hare Krishna, Thank you for your quick and efficient service. I received the products in a few days though they were shipped from India. I would have no hesitation ordering from KrishnaStore again. The prices are great, shipping is reasonable, and products are very good. Thank you! Archana
judith welsh - 11/22/2013 5 of 5 Stars!
packed well and all my grand children will be very happy with books also clothing great pricing i am happy with all my goodies and all arrived rather fast
Arjita Bhatt - 09/28/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
beautifully illustrated book - my daughter loves colouring and doing the activities
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